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7v7 football is finally gaining traction in the Treasure Valley!!!   7v7 football is the vehicle top recruits around the country use in the off-season to showcase their strength, conditioning, and skill development gains since last season on the field.  The Idaho Rising Stars tournament is an opportunity for athletes to compete against the best players from every division here locally in the treasure valley, the State of Idaho as well as in the NorthWest region.   Idaho Rising Stars is excited to introduce this tournament to the Treasure Valley and look forward to teams being brought together to compete against some of the premier 7v7 club programs in the treasure valley. 

What is 7v7 Football?


Essentially, two-hand touch football, without lineman or blitzes. This design allows for the games to be primarily focused on skill positions out on the field.  Offenses consist of a quarterback and five eligible receivers. Defenses consist of seven defensive skill position players. Offenses can only advance the ball via the pass, however, depending on the structure of the tournament rules, you may have an option to run the ball on a limited basis. Quarterbacks have to get rid of the ball before a pre-determined number of seconds (typically 5 sec), or else they are "sacked." Scoring systems vary, but points are awarded for touchdowns, extra points and defensive stops. Games usually last about 15-25 minutes.

Can my child play?

Players from 5th grade through 8th grade are required to join some form of a club team or travel team, high school players, 9th - 11th grade can either play on a 7-on-7 team with their own teammates or join with other players in a club/travel team to form their own team. Think of it like AAU basketball for football players. Teams can compete in regional tournaments to qualify for bigger tournaments like the Pylons 7v7 National Championship.   Although the 7v7 leagues have been active since I played in high school (1998), it is just recently beginning to spread across the State of Idaho and the benefits the sport offers to players are immense.

What are the benefits?

Skill Development 

Players are able to work on their technique, perfect the execution of sound football principals and get valuable repetition to hone in their skill set.  In combines or camp settings the primary focus is on 40 times and cone drills whereas with 7v7 competition you are allowed to put your route running, coverage skills and arm talent to the test. Currently, due to high school rules, the amount of football a team can actually play during the spring and summer months is limited.  The athletes simply need more skill development opportunities and a platform to demonstrate those skills in order to improve their play.


Players will compete against the top players in the country at tournaments which is a huge opportunity for a player to gain exposure.   If you come to a tournament and play well against a four-star/Five-star recruit, that can earn you some serious notoriety that would have otherwise not been available for you to take advantage of - this is a true competitor's dream come true!! And because the tournament games are short, you will have the opportunity to play against many different players, each with his own distinct style.  Playing against lots of opponents with different styles in a short period of time lends itself to rapid development.

No Tackling

This is a two-hand touch competition that allows for the game to be played fast with a focus on technique, scheme, principals and overall ball reaction.  7v7 is also ideal for younger kids looking to transition into tackle football as they will have the opportunity to be exposed to more competition and physicality than in recreational flag leagues, but it's far from being tackled to the ground.

GAME Focused

7v7 games command focus on Athleticism and Control, as players do not have pads nor is it a full contact combat sport.  It will get physical, but in a more Graceful way. Reducing the opportunity for an unnecessary collision is a pillar of the Rising Stars SE7ENS principle program. 


Athletes  (and their families)



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