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Skill Development

Improve your gameplay by joining the skill development sessions.  Here your (or child) will receive quality instruction on proper technique, football principals, and key strategies designed to enhance overall football IQ.  You can subscribe to the calendar below or simply submit your email address to receive practice notifications.  

Location Information

It is important to pay close attention to the calendar details in the schedule above as workout locations may change.   Additionally, practice locations may have astroturf, field turf, hard floor, and/or grass surfaces - so it important that you check for the location details to make sure you have the proper attire prior to your arrival.  

Can I attend?

Absolutely!!  All guests  (i.e. non-club team members) will need a parent/guardian to sign a liability waiver before you can join the skill development workout sessions.  

Age requirement?

Club teams start as early as 5th grade, however, if your child is 10 years of age or younger and you believe he/she is ready for a step up in competition, drop us an email @ idahorisingstars@gmail.com.