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When it comes to playing, and playing well... the costs involved are not always fun and games.  Many young student-athletes and their families are faced with ever-rising expenses for equipment, facility time, transport to and from practice, games + tournaments.. along with registration fees, gear fees, travel fees, school fees, club fees, training fees, and the list goes on.  At present, sports truly have become a pay to play endeavor. 

Here at Idaho Rising Stars, we believe in a better way.  An avenue that provides access to all of the best training, teams, tournaments, and overall great experiences for our youth.  Some of the best memories and friendships are made on the field. In the same way, some of the most relevant life lessons shared in moments of competition, adversity, and triumph.  These lessons, along with an enjoyable environment in which to receive them are vital to the future success of our local children.

Quality leaders often find their voice within the sport, which translates into the classroom, into relationships, and ultimately into our society.  The communities where we live and raise our children depend on strong leadership and faithful service of those figures.  Starting at the ground level, and offering opportunities for children to find their strengths, practice their crafts, and help their peers is (in our opinion) a worthwhile venture. 

Your support of this foundation will allow those that may have otherwise missed an opportunity to be their best, to flourish by giving them access to academic preparation and advancement, elite-level athletic training, and an environment where they are able to make the most of their talents.

The success of a generation is measured by the experience of those who come after it.  We're here to continue to strengthen the foundation that has been built with the hard work of the generations before us and propel our youth into a successful and enjoyable future.


Please join us in investing in Idaho's student-athletes.  Your donations fund scholarships, which provide families in need with equipment, training, club inclusion, academic preparation (ACT/SAT prep) + advancement (tutoring | transport), and access to resources necessary to enjoy a holistic progression into the student-athlete leaders they are meant to become.

Billy + Crew         

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