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Triple Threat 7v7 Club

Triple Threat Sports Academy is Idaho's Premiere Local 7v7 travel club in the Treasure Valley.  The club includes 4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade,  7th/8th Grade,  9th Grade, and HS teams.  Tryouts for the club take place immediately after the Fall tackle season in or around November.  The 7v7 season (January - May) consists of both local and out-of-state tournaments.  If you are interested in learning more about try-out details,  follow @triplethreatacademy or subscribe to the events calendar here  More Info    

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2023 Season Info Sheet 

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Triple Threat Sports Academy

Triple Threat is the premiere 7v7 club in the Treasure Valley.  The program is led by Steve Martinez, a former High School standout and Division I athlete at Boise State University.  The Triple Threat premiere team has won multiple championships across the Country that has led to Idaho gaining national recognition and college recruitment interest.  The club is built on hard work, dedication, and a commitment to placing family first and God overall.    

Local Tournament Record

2021- Idaho Rising Stars Tournament

2021 - Main Event 

2022 - Winter Bowl 

2022 - Spring Bowl

2022 - All In Bowl 

Local 7v7 Clubs 

208platinum RARE.PNG

RARE | Platinum 208

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Coaches: Jus Jackson | Joe Ozuna

The Platinum RARE program is driven by Joe Ozuna, Justin Jackson and a strong supporting casts of trainers with extensive experience at the Division I level.  The program promotes student athletes across the state of Idaho and is currently building momentum in the Treasure Valley through strong recruitment.  The program prioritizes a travel schedule that focuses on ensuring media coverage is present at the tournaments they join.   The club has teams in every age group.



  • Instagram

Coaches: John Lamers | Nick Lyons

Boise Evolution.PNG

Boise Evolution

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Coaches: Matt R.


GAS 7v7

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Coaches: John "Biggs" Evans

The Gifted Athletes Succeed (GAS) program is a seasoned 7v7 club that is highly competitive each year and has secured one local tournament victory back in 2019  (MAYDAY 7v7 - 2019).   Coach Biggs aka Mr. Football provides one-on-one and group training opportunities.  The program is driven by Coach Bigg's energetic style of coaching and drive to compete.   The program is known to travel to 10-plus tournaments across the country each season and is based out of Canyon County.    

Culture Shock.PNG

Culture Shock

  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Coaches: Orlando Clay

Boise Tropics.PNG

Boise Tropics

  • Instagram

Coaches: James Clyde | Chuck Crum | Mike Wilson

Boise Tropics is headed by Heritage Middle School and Rocky Mountain Highschool coach James Clyde.  The program will post tryouts during fall/winter months and recruits are made up of mainly student-athletes within the Rocky Mountain area.  This club is fully sponsored and all kids participate and travel for free.   The club has won local tournaments with its younger teams and is highly competitive each year.  For more specific information follow the social media links above. 

The REIGN program is based out of Meridian Idaho and is made of two teams 9th Grade | HS.  The program is currently in its 3rd year and is highly competitive across the North West and has several local tournament championships in the 9th-grade division.  The program travels to 4-6 tournaments each year and is driven by the training provided by coach Nick and the leadership of John Lamers.



The Culture Shock program is based out of Boise Idaho.  The program has both middle school and a HS program.  The program has a limited travel schedule but has had a very strong showing in their respective age groups winning multiple local championships in the lower age divisions.   The program is driven by Coach O's relentless recruitment cross the Treasure Valley. 


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